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From bricks, clicks to Insta-pics: what’s next for social commerce?

Where do the biggest opportunities lie in social commerce and what actions can brands take to win in this new world of shopping?

Killing unconscious bias is the only way to solve advertising’s gender problem

As part of International Woman’s Day, Kantar TNS’ Anne Rayner spoke to Mumbrella about how drawing attention to unconscious bias is the only answer to finally solving the problem of gender in advertising.

Building brand equity on social media: what brands can learn from YouTube

How can YouTube’s rich and personalised experience provide inspiration for brands seeking to gain cut through and ensure relevance?

Connected cars. Disconnected owners.

Auto brands invest billions in developing connected car features in an attempt to gain competitive advantage. But is this money well spent? How engaged are connected car owners?

The data debate: creating fairer value exchanges between people and brands

People are becoming increasingly wary of the amount of information brands have on them, questioning how open they should be with their personal data.

Cultivating customer-centricity in an omni-channel world

To deliver in the moments that matter to people, brands need to design a culture of customer-centricity – not just an intuitive app

The trust divide for brands online

Connected Life examined trust and connectivity across 56 countries and the results were polarised. Whilst European and US consumers’ trust in brands is being undermined by the poor deployment of advertising and content, countries across Asia and Africa appear to be embracing brand content and messaging.

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