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When did brand building get divorced from sales?

The real question is how you get brand building and sales activation to work synergistically over time to grow sales and profits.

Kantar Moves to Single Brand

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, has announced that effective 2nd April 2019 all services and offerings will be delivered under the Kantar brand name. All legacy brand names will be retired.

2019 CelebrityZ Top 100 Most Influential Celebrity in China

In the past three years, 60% of brands continuously using celebrity endorsement strategy have failed to grow their Brand Power.

How can gender progressive advertising help grow your brand?

Gender is a sensitive topic - one that society is renegotiating across social, cultural, political and commercial spheres.To help marketers to navigate this important issue, Kantar has just published this year’s AdReaction Report: Getting Gender Right.

Bars of soap gaining popularity in UK
In an effort to reduce plastic usage, UK consumers are turning to good old-fashioned bar soap

Consumers in Taiwan want brands to stand up for local causes

The rising tide of social consciousness is causing many global brands to weave purpose into the fabric of their businesses - through mission statements, narratives and campaigns. But having a purpose is not just important for altruistic reasons. More and more, purpose ‘done right’ is resulting in profit.

Move over Millennials. Centennials are the new economic powerhouse.

Representing 35% of the global population, Centennials, the first of whom turned 21 this year, have become an economic powerhouse with a growing influence on spending and brand loyalty.

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