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Two thirds of connected consumers in Asia Pacific watching online video content on a daily basis

64% of connected consumers are watching online videos every day – via free to view, subscription and social channels.In Taiwan almost 80% of connected consumers spend 1.6 hours per day watching online videos; and 74% of those also regularly watch traditional TV.

Instagram usage doubles in Asia Pacific as people migrate onto photo-sharing platforms

39% of connected consumers in APAC now using social media platform Instagram, and 51% of Taiwanese use it, providing new opportunities for brand engagement.Visual platforms most popular in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where camera-enabled smartphones have high penetration.Yet as consumers shy away from traditional online advertising, influencers are key for brands looking to engage.

Kantar unveils a new corporate identity across its operating brands
Announces launch of two new operating brands

Unified look and feel reflects more collaborative working approach

Bridging the gap
Operating without shared assumptions for communication

In researching the Base of the Pyramid (BoP), researchers must learn to operate without the shared assumptions on which communication typically relies.

Participation – Beyond the hype
Forget shallow, meaningless "likes" and "shares"!

Industry blogger Bob Hoffman said: "The idea that the same consumer who was frantically clicking her TV remote to escape from advertising, was going to merrily click her mouse to interact with it, is going to go down as one of the great advertising delusions of all time." So what can we do better?

You’re listening, but are you learning?
Deciphering social mentions to improve customer experience

Every day millions of customers share their experiences of products and services on social media. The conversations generated represent a huge opportunity for companies to create closer, more meaningful customer relationships. But this constant stream of feedback is hard to navigate.

Catching up with consumers
Why Asian brands need to pick up the pace

Some marketers, notably in China, try novel ways of understanding and interacting with the digital environment. The entry point for most Asian brands is the commissioning of digital listening projects, but listening to the buzz is no longer enough.

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