Research expertise

Our experts around the world focus on understanding your business issues so they can recommend solutions that help you make informed decisions that lead to growth.

We specialize in these practice areas: Brand & Communication, Customer Strategies, Digital, Innovation & Product Development, Qualitative and Shopper.

We harness new learnings from neuroscience and behavioral economics to provide a precise understanding of how people make decisions and their underlying motives to help grow your brand.

Our offer helps you decode customer relationships, put relevant, actionable insights at the heart of your business, and empower employees to drive growth.

We complement our core research offer with social media insights, mobile methodologies, behavioral data and partner with forward-looking consumers via online communities.

Our solutions help clients screen differently and prioritize the ideas and concepts that provide real, top-line growth.

At TNS Qualitative, our mission is to help you understand how individual human behavior and emotion impact your business, enabling you to shape strategy and unlock growth.

TNS Shopper understands that happy shoppers spend more – and leverages this principle to help you grow brand and category sales.

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